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I'm Jerry.

I love what I do.

Now, how do I describe what I do...

Technically, I am a software developer, specifically a web developer.  I get paid to be a web developer, which means I get to code in C# in Visual Studio 2017, work with Microsoft SQL Server, using MVC and Entity Framework to create applications that are data driven.  I also use Javascript, jQuery, and other client side languages to help with the user's experience and make it as friendly as possible.

I have been fascinated with technology since I was a kid.  My dad was a machinist and a TV repairman (yes, that was when you could actually fix a TV, not just buy another one).  He instilled in me a love for all things technical.

Even though I am a web developer, I also like to build things and experiment with all sorts of electronics.  I am a strong believer in re-using items that may or may not have outlived their usefulness.  It's most a hobby, but I have created some useful things for around my house.  I'll get to those in another post.